Thursday, 7 June 2012

Welcome to our new-look website

By Paul Mullis, Chief Executive

It's hard to think that our previous website was nearly 10 years old, but it was certainly time for a change!

In that intervening decade we have seen so many changes. There has been a change in government, the largest financial crisis the country has seen, and of course massive leaps have been made in technology.

Even an organisation as historic as ours needs to keep up-to-date, and our revamped website is part of that process.

What better way to showcase past (the timeline on the front page is amazing!) and present than this?

And where next? In the era where more and more of our residents have computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and where the world has embraced social networking, the possibibities are quite literally endless. I look forward to exploring them with you!

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